BAARS EYEWEAR is a French eyewear brand. It started with two friends, a Designer and electronic music Artist from Paris & an Optician from Annecy. It is a reflection of two personalities and two complementary worlds. It is a bridge between cultural emulation of a Capital city, and the tranquility of a lakeside life.

Aware of the quality of the environment around them, the founders share and express in their daily lives the values of BAARS: simplicity and quality « Product Lovers, we were convinced that we could make glasses evolve.


BAARS aims to provide glasses with high added value based on technical innovation, timeless classic style and respect for traditions. Guillaume, the designer, was inspired by Dieter Rams’ “Less is more” approach: pure, robust and simple lines. Manufactured and assembled in Oyonnax, the particularity of BAARS spectacles is their snap-on magnetic connectors. The system is stripped of axes and all fallible elements. This gives the glasses strong resistance to daily hardships that they suffer. The more complex a system is, the less resistant it is over time. The innovation of BAARS hinges is composed of only one element, a magnet, which allows their holder to avoid the most frequent ruptures. The BAARS glasses are more reliable.

Iconic Baars Styles